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The strife of their minds was quelled. Behind a hedge of laurel a light glimmered in the window of a kitchen and the voice of a servant was heard singing as she sharpened knives. --That'S what you fellows want: and plenty of it to make you work. The rector said: --Your name is Dedalus, isn't it? --Yes, sir --And where did you break your glasses? --On the cinder-path, sir. has been something crude and heartless and unfeeling in our haste to succeed and be great. He settled to his repast with the charming little "table manner" that, from the day of his arrival, had relieved me of all grossness of admonition. He winked at Stephen and, replacing the dish-cover, began to eat again. He saw her serious alluring eyes watching him from among the audience and their image at once swept away his scruples, leaving his will compact.

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