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Grose listened with dumb emotion; she forbore to ask me what this meaning might be; so that, presently, to put the thing with some coherence and with the mere aid of her presence to my own mind, I went on: "That he's an injury to the others. You can't, you can't!"-- he lay beautifully staring. Night prayers and then bed: he shivered and wanted to yawn. Will we? All the fellows were silent. you make the next rebellion with hurleysticks, said Stephen, and want the indispensable informer, tell me. We saw her, Wallis, didn't we? And deucedly pretty she is too. Temple turned on him bravely, saying: --Cranly, you're always sneering at me. Illiteracy must be banished from the land if we shall attain that high destiny as the foremost of the enlightened nations of the world which, under Providence, we ought to achieve.

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