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He began to beat the frayed end of his ashplant against the base of a pillar. Though nobody spoke to him of the affair after class he could feel about him a vague general malignant joy. He knelt in the silent gloom and raised his eyes to the white crucifix suspended above him. We know our task to be no mere task of politics but a task which shall search us through and through, whether we be able to understand our time and the need of our people, whether we be indeed their spokesmen and interpreters, whether we have the pure heart to comprehend and the rectified will to choose our high course of action." She paused a moment; then she added: "Quint was much too free. We need compromise; we have had dissension. A voice said: --Intellectual crankery is better out of this movement than in it. It is believed, and experience has shown, that such a preparation is the best expedient that can be resorted to prevent war.

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