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Ye know him, I am sure; yet I for honour's sake, and may it be eternal to him, shall name him, the Lord Brook. It was a grave and ordered and passionless life that awaited him, a life without material cares. To hold in check the development of our commercial marine, to prevent or retard the establishment and growth of manufactures in the States, and so to secure the American market for their shops and the carrying trade for their ships, was the policy of European statesmen, and was pursued with the most selfish vigor. I realize to the full the responsibility which it involves., they drank that and it was found out who did it by the smell. No matter what others may want, these people want a drastic economy. So, with all the creative energy at our command, let us begin an era of national renewal. Then Brother Michael was going away and the fellow out of the third of grammar told him to be sure and come back and tell him all the news in the paper.

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