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--Heavenly God! cried Stephen's soul, in an outburst of profane joy. We will meet with the Soviets, hoping that we can agree on a way to rid the world of the threat of nuclear destruction. A strong note of pride reinforcing the gravity of the priest's voice made Stephen's heart quicken in response. No evening I had passed at Bly had the portentous quality of this one; in spite of which--and in spite also of the deeper depths of consternation that had opened beneath my feet--there was literally, in the ebbing actual, an extraordinarily sweet sadness.'t talk to him at all. "Don't you, then, LOVE our sweet Flora?" "If I didn't--and you, too; if I didn't--!" he repeated as if retreating for a jump, yet leaving his thought so unfinished that, after we had come into the gate, another stop, which he imposed on me by the pressure of his arm, had become inevitable. Glynn coughed and said gently, holding back with difficulty the nervous titter in his voice and moving his umbrella at every word: --And, as you remark, if it is thus, I ask emphatically whence comes this thusness. Please be encouraged to tell us about any error or corrections, even years after the official publication date.

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