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They will repent indeed: and this is the second sting of the worm of conscience, a late and fruitless sorrow for sins committed. Ours is a constitutional freedom where the popular will is the law supreme and minorities are sacredly protected. He would stop the progress of free government and involve his country either in anarchy or despotism. It is that from which I am convinced that the unborn millions of our posterity who are in future ages to people this continent will derive their most fervent gratitude to the founders of the Union; that in which the beneficent action of its Government will be most deeply felt and acknowledged. are not as tall as men. All the descriptions of fierce love and hatred which he had met in books had seemed to him therefore unreal. It would be nice to lie on the hearthrug before the fire, leaning his head upon his hands, and think on those sentences. "Remarkably!" "And dressed--?" "In somebody's clothes.

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