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Tamil Movie Dubbed In Hindi Free Download Namak Halaal

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Original Title: Namak Halaal

Genge: Action,Comedy,Drama

































Arjun Singh has been brought up by his grandfather, and as a result is totally dependent on his grandfather, and could not even think of leaving him. Years past, Arjun has grown up, and his grandfather wants him to be independent and stand on his own two feet. Arjun reluctantly agrees, and re-locates to Bombay - a big city. He gets a job as a singer/dancer in a hotel and is very loyal to the owner, Raja. He also looks up to Savitridevi who manages the hotel, until he finds out that Savitridevi is his biological mother, and that the Raja believes that she is involved in a plot to kill him.
Bhimsingh dies while saving life of his employer.Savitri promises him to take care of his employer's son Raja.Everyone one including her father in law Dashrath Singh thinks Savitri killed her husband and employer for money.Savitri hands her son Arjun to her father in law and goes to take care of Raja.Arjun grows up a simpleton man dependent on his grandfather.His friend Bahirav takes him to city to work in a five star hotel owned by Raja where meets and falls in love with Poonam.Arjun and Raja become good friends.Girdhar Singh and his son Ranjeet want to kill Raja as Girdhar killed his father their attempts fail all the time due to Arjun.Raja doubts that his mother his behind all this. Ranjeet and Girdhar now hire Nisha to kill Raja.
Namak Halaal is one of the funniest movies made practically because of Amitabh's comic timing The film is quite new but with some of the same separated-reunited theme along with vixens, grandfathers, lovers and villains

Amitabh plays a country bumpkin who is told by his Daddu (Om Prakash) to be faithful to the hand that feeds you Amitabh gets a job with Shashi Kapoor and falls in love with Smita Patel who also works with Shashi Kapoor Ranjeet and his dad try to kill Shashi but always fail because of Amitabh

This film is good for Amitabh's acting at his best If you get a chance watch it This is undoubtedly one of the funniest movies ever made. Amitabh as a country bumpkin, Arjun Singh, is hilarious. The best thing is the laughter never stops. The plot is a same-old same-old story where child is separated from mother who sacrifices everything for her duty - with a happy reunion at the end. There are villains (Ranjit) and there are brothers (Sashi Kapoor) and there are vixens (Parveen Babhi) and there are lovers (Smita Patil) and there is a blind brother and a grandfather thrown in for good measure. But this movie is about Amitabh and thats all you remember at then end.

Amitabh comes to the city to make a decent living and his dialogue delivery and mannerisms are hilarious. Later in the movie he turns into the Angry Young Man he is famous for but the humour stays. Memorable parts include his walking, talking and speaking english, the song (pad gungaroo re bhand, meera nachi thi) and everything with his dadoo.

All in all I was rolling with laughter throughout the movie. If you want 3 hours of entertainment with Amitabh at his absolute best - this is it. It will easily give it a 10/10.


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