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The S*P*Y*S Full Movie In Hindi Free Download

The S*P*Y*S Full Movie In Hindi Free Download ->>> DOWNLOAD

Original Title: S*P*Y*S

Genge: Action,Comedy










































Two spies end up being chased by the CIA, The KGB and a group of anarchists after a botched mission invoked an unwritten "corpse for a corpse" pact.
In 1974, flanked by such filmic monuments to paranoia and corruption as Chinatown and The Parallax View, Elliott Gould and Donald Sutherland tried to re-create the screwball nonchalance of their earlier M*A*S*H performances in this lightweight spy spoof, directed by Irvin Kershner. Gould and Sutherland play two CIA agents-Griff and Bruland-who are marked for death by their own agency after botching the defection of a Russian ballet dancer (Michael Petrovich). As they repeatedly mess up their assignments and wriggle out of tight corners, they not only find themselves pursued by the CIA, but also by the KGB, the Chinese Communists, and a terrorist group that wants to destroy the CIA.
SPYS is an aggressive laugh out comedy in the tradition of the old "Road" pictures that never really works. It has no real plot so to speak and relies on the chemistry of the lead actors of which there is plenty for its appeal. Wise cracks fly aplenty and barbs of witticism fill the air. This hit movie which was released in 1974 feels like a movie from the 80s. There is a certain fluidity of camera and mis-en-scene that MTV brought to the eighties movies that permeates the aurae of this movie. It feels like a 1985 movie SPYS and the likes that ruled the beat-box era. Laughs ring true after a very strong start but even a plot less seems or needs to deceive the audience into thinking it has a direction. The plot is silly if not confusing and just happens and the french actress Zuzou who was also a popular singer isn't very good. She just complicates matters. In all, not great but the ending is bitter-sweet and sharp on the money. You wish the movie itself had that kind of vive de joie.
Look, this movie is a fun romp. Nothing more. Made to poke fun at an America stuck fast in the cold war. To judge it harshly is to not understand the decade it was created in. It's buddy film from the 70s. It's got two great stars in it and its filled with wonderful comedic moments and also some great character performances, too. It's a comedy and comedy is always subjective. Gould is at his smooth hipster best, and Southerland complements him well as the nerdier company-man partner. Watch it and enjoy to guys having fun making a movie in Paris during their heyday in 70s films.

If it were made today it would probably star Will Ferrel and Owen Wilson. And it would probably be just as fun.


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