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Mr Dedalus had ordered drisheens for breakfast and during the meal he cross-examined the waiter for local news. To secure us against these dangers our coast and inland frontiers should be fortified, our Army and Navy, regulated upon just principles as to the force of each, be kept in perfect order, and our militia be placed on the best practicable footing. It is in such contemplations, my fellow countrymen, which are not exhaustive but only representative, that I find ample warrant for satisfaction and encouragement. Well, I needed to be remarkable to offer a front to the remarkable things that presently gave their first sign. the pious and believing catholic, for the just man, death is no cause of terror. You talk to me of nationality, language, religion. His mind when wearied of its search for the essence of beauty amid the spectral words of Aristotle or Aquinas turned often for its pleasure to the dainty songs of the Elizabethans. A voice at his bed said: --Dedalus, don't spy on us, sure you won't? Wells's face was there.

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