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One soul was lost; a tiny soul: his. Heron, however, nudged him expressively with his elbow and said: --You're a sly dog. I do not sympathize with the sentiment that Congress in session is dangerous to our general business interests. It covers a field far wider than that of negro suffrage and the present condition of the race. fellows were practising long shies and bowling lobs and slow twisters. The mirth, which in the beginning of the evening had seemed to him false and trivial, was like a soothing air to him, passing gaily by his senses, hiding from other eyes the feverish agitation of his blood while through the circling of the dancers and amid the music and laughter her glance travelled to his corner, flattering, taunting, searching, exciting his heart. What was your exception, and to what passage in your personal observation of him did you refer?" It was a dreadfully austere inquiry, but levity was not our note, and, at any rate, before the gray dawn admonished us to separate I had got my answer. "Well, yes--I may as well make a clean breast of it.

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